Sunday, March 1, 2009

Claddagh Pub 4-Miler

Photo courtesy of Jim Rhoades

Well that was interesting. When 24:25 wins hardware you know the conditions are less than ideal. Hard to generate much more than tempo effort with the sketchy footing, but hey. Good effort. I was in 7th place with about a quarter mile to go when the kid in front of me just completely yard sale'd. He was running dangerously close to the shoulder and it was tough to tell what was road and what was shoulder when he stepped on the icy remnants of the snowbank which was now covered in an inch of new snow making it blend nicely with the road which was also covered with an inch of new snow. He went wheels up and came down hard on his elbow/shoulder. I slowed to see if he was okay but ,shit, the race was almost done and I was freezing my balls off so it's not like I was gonna let him take back 6th overall. Rubbin's racing.
24:45, 6th overall.

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