Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yet another 10-miler, saw a gray fox

About 2 miles into a ho-hum 10-miler, I saw a gray fox perched on a rock next to a creek at the edge of some woods. This was right about where John Carver Road turns into Birch Meadow Drive, on the left. A bunch of crows were going berserk, but I'm not sure if it was because of the fox or just because crows tend to go apeshit right around sun up--always fun when you're sleeping with the windows open. It was pretty calm for a fox, I thought. I'm pretty sure all the foxes I've ever seen on my travels have been red foxes but they always seem a lot more skittish than this guy was. He (or she I suppose) was focused on something in the brush near the creek, looking ready to pounce. It had a black tip on its tail and a white chin and belly and seemed a little more stocky than a red fox which is what caused me to look it up to see if there even was a separate species of fox in this area called gray fox (there is!) But I also found out that gray foxes don't have "black stockings" which I kind of think this guy might have had. So maybe it was a red fox that was gray in color. Anyway. It was a fox of some sort.

Early morning wildlife sightings are always a treat.

Training is going well--73 miles last week, I'm feeling fully recovered from Boston and in need of a race. Good thing I'm going to Portsmouth on Sunday for the Runners Alley/Redhook 5k--a flat, fast 5k with beer at the finish! Until then...

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