Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 x 1000 in the rain

Since it's still June of 2009 and since it's rained every damn day this month, I guess I can stop mentioning "in the rain" when referring to workouts. But that's what it was. And the RMHS track lived up to it's all-weather billing nicely, I might add.

This was a good workout. I often wonder how much if any 5k pace work you really need to run a decent 5k, especially as an almost masters runner. I tend to think very little, if any. But since I hadn't done any work right at 5k pace in a long time, I felt like I'd rather not leave that stone unturned just in case. So the plan was 5 x 1000m at 5k pace (5:28 ish or 3:24 per 1000) with 3/4 time recoveries, which works out to 2:33 per recovery or one lap at a really slow jog.

I'm a little surprised how easy this was, especially in the rain. I mean it wasn't easy, but it wasn't as gut wrenching as I was expecting. I ran the first one a little fast, which probably made the whole workout harder than it needed to be but still it was really only the last 200 of the 2nd through 4th rep that got uncomfortable, and maybe the last 400 of the last one.

The workout went:
  • 3 mile warmup including jogging to the track and doing 3 x 100m strides,
  • 5 x 1000m / jog 400 (3:21.7, 3:23.2, 3:24.6, 3:23.8, 3:22.0),
  • 4 mile jog home.

11 miles total.

The 1000s were about 3:23 for an average, or 5:27 pace. And they add up to a 16:56 5k. Now if I can just do it without the recovery jogs...


  1. Nice work mike.
    In the bullet point section tho, you have 6 x..

  2. Thanks and nice catch, Ricky. I had 6 x 1000 in the title too before I caught it. I guess 6 is stuck in my head because 6 x 1000 (slower and with less recovery) is one of my staple workouts.

  3. Hey Mike, nice run! Sounds like you are in the ballpark, brother.