Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fifteen in the rain

I had planned to race this week but part of the challenge of being the hobbyjogger is that, well, this is a hobby and sometimes other things take priority. The month of June is just crazy for my kids as every possible sports and extra-curricular activity is wrapping up and I wound up having to let several good races go by the boards including Joan's Jaunt 5-miler in Woburn on Thursday and the Market Square Day 10k in Portsmouth on Saturday. I briefly debated trying to squeeze a race in on Sunday morning but with the rain pelting the sides of my house all night on Saturday I finally decided it just wasn't to be.
So instead I lounged around with the family and read the paper for a while and then went out at around 10 for a hilly 15+ miler in the Breakheart Reservation, in a steady rain. And, just wow, am I glad I did. I hit a detour about half way there--Broadway in Wakefield was closed so I had to wind my way through Wakefield Center and take Water to Farm St to get to the Breakheart, making the run over closer to 6 miles than 5, but when I got there I had the place mostly to myself. The rain kept most of the normal Sunday walkers, bikers and beachgoers away and for long stretches it was just me, the woods, the hills, the raindrops and my thoughts. Goodness.
There were a few people in there and at one point on my 2nd loop, as I was passing the beach for the 2nd time, a group of older ladies was walking their dogs and one them said in what sounded like Portuguese accent, "Hi there, handsome." I just chuckled and her friends all giggled.
On the way home I went back through Wakefield center, through the common and by Lake Quannapowitt. There were some little kids walking with their parents and dogs and splashing in puddles on the gravel path between the softball field and the boat ramp and I smiled at their joy of running and splashing in a warmish early summer rain. It was the right way to end the week, which all in all turned out pretty well. I got in 67ish miles with 3 somewhat quality runs and kept pushing forward and kept making progress. There will be other weeks and plenty of other races.

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