Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's a wrap

My last run of 2009 in in the books. It was a slow jog in the snow around the 6.5-mile "Norden Summer" loop that I've run a million times. I'd hoped to lay a good one down to close the year but you take what the weather gives you sometimes.

The final tally:
  • 3,224.6 miles
  • 14 races
  • Zero PRs
My best race was probably the Lone Gull 10k in September where I snuck under 36 minutes and under 29 minutes for the 5 mile split in the midst of marathon training. Neither of my marathons were stellar--a 2:54 at Boston and a 2:53 in brutal weather at Baystate--but they weren't disasters either. All in all I came close enough to some PRs to know I still have some in me and I came out the other end happy, healthy and still on the road.

2010 will be interesting. I've got a solid base of 2 years of 3000+ miles under me and, most importantly, I'm healthy. But work is starting to go better and be a lot busier than it's been in a while. I expect to be challenged to find as much time to train as consistently as I have been, but I think I've got the base to be able to do some really good stuff if I can find time. The constant balancing act between work, family and training is part of what excites me about the whole thing so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Right now, I have one specific racing goal for the year: finally break 17 for 5k.

Keep on truckin' friends. Onward.

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