Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

The last couple of weeks my training has started to come together to where I think I'm back to where I was before I got sick in early May, and possibly a bit stronger as well. The last 5 weeks mileage has been 62, 66, 66, 81, 74 with good workouts.

Last week's 74 miles included the Market Square Day 10k in 36:39. Not a stellar time in the grand scheme but a huge improvement over the putrid 18:07 5k at Redhook just 2 weeks earlier and I made absolutely no concessions for the race--I'd done 2 workouts that week including 16 x 200 on Thursday before a Saturday race.

I was pleased with how I competed despite leaving some time on the course. I honestly think I was so pleased when I went through the 5k split in nearly the same time as Redhook that I relaxed a bit in the uphill 4th mile. I quickly got my head back on straight, though, and finished strong.

The next morning I was feeling good enough to run a 14-mile hilly long run to the Breakheart Reservation with Mark Hudson and Dan Princic. I'm recovering really well right now and just need to keep it rolling. Some work travel and a camping trip will possibly limit my miles a tad this week but nothing to be worried about.

And we roll on...

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