Thursday, February 3, 2011

At least January is over, right?

This morning, as I am fortunate to do often when I don't have to leave early for meetings, I walked my 8-year-old daughter to school. We slogged through the mush up our hill to Prospect Street and down Oak instead of our normal route, down the hill and over Summer Ave. That's because Summer Ave is basically impassable to pedestrians right now.

It occurred to me as I watched this cute little bespectacled girl in her pink hat and snow boots weave between the stationary parade of SUVs and minivans stopped on Oak Street and scramble over snowbanks bigger than her with her giant backpack slung over both shoulders that we've talked enough about the weather this winter. At a certain point, you just have to get on with it.

In January I saved a lot of money on dry cleaning because it seems every meeting was cancelled. I spent more time on my crappy old treadmill in the basement than I'd want to in a whole year, but I had a crappy old treadmill in the basement. I've spent hour upon back breaking hour shoveling snow that will eventually melt anyway, but hey it's cross training (or something.)

I'm fortunate to have a job that I can do from anywhere, a 10MB Internet connection right to my home, a laptop and an IP VPN phone. Best yet I somehow managed to run 241 miles in January (which might not sound like much but is my biggest month since last September) and only took 1 day off from running in the last 45. Tonight's Thirsty Thursday workout might feature crampons and an ice ax but it will go on, and the post-workout beers with the boys will taste good. Spring will come, and there will be races--and I plan to be ready.

I think I even see the sun peeking through the icy gray sky. See? Things are looking up.

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