Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four hundred words a day

It's not like I'm going to count words but I've decided I'm going to try actually updating this space every day for a while. Why 400? I have no idea. When I was in 9th grade my English teacher had us write 500 word "themes" every night for a week or so and I found that a challenging exercise. 400 is less than 500 so it should be easier.

Today I ran twice and later went to two different bars to spend time with two different groups of friends.

The first run was a short little shakeout this morning: four and a half miles of easy jogging as the sun came up. It was cold. I went a little later than normal because I was only going for such a short run and as I was coming back up Woburn St. almost home I was passing the commuters walking to the train. They looked cold but hopeful--we're on the other side of winter now--it's all down hill from here.

The second run was Thirsty Thursday with the boys. Tonight we had Mark, Dan, Chris and me. We ran a 6-ish mile loop out to the Wood End School and then did some pickups back and forth on Birch Meadow Drive with a half or three quarter mile cool down. We all ran together on the wood end loop then sort of did our own thing on the pickups. 9 miles or so in total.

It being Thirsty Thursday we headed to Grumpy's afterward, but it being Mark's birthday the wives joined us...well all the wives but mine since Gina and the girls are up in York visiting my sister. Still, a good time was had by all, even me, the 7th wheel.

After Grumpy's I headed up the road to the Moon to hang out with some old friends. Jon and Kim were in town from Philly and were hanging out in the Cougar Den with a bunch of friends. It was fun to see old friends and realize we're all dealing with the same things, really. It's kind of odd to go bar hopping in Reading by walking from one place to the next. It was snowing when I came out and walked down the block back to my car.

I'd be no good at bachelorhood, really--I miss the girls already. It's too quiet around here.


  1. good luck with the everyday writing thing. it's a lot harder than most people think. it is, in fact, gruling. or, grueling? whatever. it's no cakewalk, baby. welcome to the big time. good luck.

  2. Yeah it's day 4 and I'm tapped out.