Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple, really

The whole point, then, is to fit this relentless forward motion that always winds up in the same place it started into a life worth having. This is very difficult to pull off in reality. It can be a fine line between heaven and too much of a good thing when it's the same time upstairs AND it's cold outside. A lot of it is just piling on.

However when we do pull it off there comes that time when we are able, if only for a few fleeting moments, to understand all of the riddles of the universe and communicate, collectively and individually, with all of God's creatures. Yeah it's pretty sweet.

Most of the time, though, we just cling to the memory of those moments--we know (or at least strongly suspect) that we once knew everything there was to know even though we cannot for the life of us remember any of it right now. We remember what it felt like to know, or at least we think we do. Probably we make these things up after the fact for the sole purpose of giving ourselves something to feel nostalgic over so that we will keep on going out there looking for that moment of total clarity that may never have existed in the first place.

And then one day the sun shines warm on our faces and the air feels fresh in our lungs and we are strong, awake and alive, and we don't need any reason or memory of better times because this right now is its own motivation and even if we could we wouldn't want to remember any other time or place or thing. It's a simple world. At least we think so.

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