Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slopping along

The weather hasn't totally sucked for a few weeks, the days are getting slightly longer and brighter and the snowbanks have retreated to just normal sized so that you can actually see to get out of your driveway. So it was a bit of a buzz kill when I awoke to see a fresh blanket of plowable snow on the ground. Mark had texted me last night, "snow in the am, run in the pm?" and even though I didn't really think the snow would be sticking (wrong) I agreed so the plan was to meet at noon at the high school.

I had to pick up the girls from indoor lacrosse before heading out an so with little time to spare, I took the shortest route over to the high school, which put me there at about 1.75 miles. It was still snowing. For the first time in months I took my Garmin because I knew with the snow we'd be wandering all over the place looking to stay off busy roads and the thing started chirping at me with the low battery signal almost immediately. Sweet.

As I was running across the field house parking lot I saw a runner in a yellow top come out from behind a snowbank and start jogging up the road away from me. I yelled, "Hudson!" and Mark turned around. About a minute later, Dan jogged up. We headed up toward the northern end of town, winding through neighborhoods and back roads, trying not to get killed by snowplows. The roads were a mix of wet pavement, slush and snowpack and my legs were soaked within the first 2 miles of the run.

I had jogged over to the high school at 8 pace but as soon as Dan and Mark were involved the pace immediately dropped to low 7's and while that's still in the easy range for me, it's definitely the high end of easy and with wet shoes and cold legs any kind of hills put me into a little difficulty. To boot, I was wearing my heaviest trainers, which were even heavier now, and Mark and Dan were both in racing flats. So while I was originally thinking 15, as I got into the run and got colder, wetter and more weary, just getting to 13 to make 60 for the week was starting to look pretty good.

After looping around on the northeast part of town for a while we made our way back toward the high school and I was getting close to 10 miles in at that point. Mark and Dan were going to do some up tempo loops around the high school campus but I was ready to head home so I left those guys and wound my way over toward the west side and home, taking a few turns to make sure I got in at least 13. As I was going up Hillcrest, just around the corner from my house, I heard the watch beep for 13 miles and so when I reached the top of the hill I stopped and walked down the little slope to my house. Even though it was squawking low battery a mile into the run, the little old Garmin held out the whole way and so now I have this nice, pretty map of the run.

I got in and went straight to a warm shower--do not pass go, do not log your miles, do not eat or drink anything, just get under some hot water.

That's three 60 mile weeks in a row and it's starting to come around. Hopefully I'll get the urge to race soon but as of now I'm not feeling like it would be worthwhile. I'm leaning toward not running New Bedford at this point as I don't think it would do much for my self confidence but there's still a few weeks to decide so we'll see.

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