Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's April 6th and I have yet to race in 2011.  In fact if you don't count that silly jingle bell jog or whatever the hell it was when I ran an 18 minute 5k wearing a Santa hat, bells pinned to my shirt and my daughters knee-high red field hockey socks, I haven't raced since October 17.

This has to change.

But not this weekend since it's dance recital week here in my household.  And not next weekend since I'll be at Disney (SHIT!)  I just had a little panic attack but I'm okay now.

Edited later to add:  I just signed up for the Red Hook 5k on May 29th.  I feel better already.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a race or two before then but at least, worst case scenario, I have a line in the sand.


  1. ...boom! Free entry to Good Times opening night on Tuesday the 12th, it's bring your own buddy night. Carpe viam.

  2. Hmm...tempting. Though it's my daughter's 5th birthday and 2 others have lacrosse at 6pm. Not that any of that is a deal killer. Put me down a strong maybe.