Friday, February 24, 2012

Look at me go

Don't look now but I've run 7 days in a row.  After Sunday's 14-plus-mile Lynnfield loop with Mark and Mike, which was probably a couple of miles longer than I needed, I just took it really easy all week with only one goal: get out every day. On Wednesday, I even met Dan for my first o'dark early run in months.  Will need to do much more of that. Now with just a 20 mile weekend I can wind up in the 50s the easy way for the week. That's respectable.

On another note, I have noticed that the worse the weather, the less considerate drivers are of runners. Today was about as lousy as it gets--35 and pissing down rain.  I'd honestly rather bitter cold or snow.  I had to wait several minutes, in a marked crosswalk mind you, to get across Lowell Street as driver after driver saw me standing in the rain getting colder and colder and couldn't spare the energy to pump the brakes.  It seems strange to me but I guess I only see it from the runner's perspective.  Probably weather like that just puts people in a foul mood.

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