Wednesday, March 14, 2012

25,000 Miles Later

The title of today's post is not just a ripoff of one of my favorite running blogs, 39,500 Miles Later.  No, it does in fact represent a milestone of sorts.

It appears that about 120 miles ago--which would have been around the week of Feb 20th--I logged my 25,000th mile on RunningAhead since 2002.  Not all of those were originally logged on RunningAhead since I don't think it even existed in 2002, but Eric, the most excellent founder and developer was good enough to import my Coolrunning (blech) log a back around mid-2006 or so, and every mile since then has been logged right there.  Give or take.

This is what 25,000 miles over 10 years looks like:
My graph

That's a lot of running in circles, going nowhere.  You can see I took a little hiatus there from the 2nd half of 2004 until the middle of 2006.  And I'm kind of in a big slump right now and overdue for one of those clumps of 300 mile months that usually go before a period of decent racing.  But hey.  I've stayed on the road and kept at it.  So there's that.

In honor of this momentous accomplishment I will now head on over to RunningAhead and hit the Donate button to the tune of $25,000--a dollar per mile.  (Okay not really but you should feel free to.)


  1. 10 more of that and you'll be at the moon.

  2. Nice post title! I am catching up, at 17,000+ --- oh wait, that's kms. So really I am at 11,000 miles or so....I guess it will be years and years before I catch up!

    Has RA really been around since '02?

  3. Nah, man, as I 'splained above, Eric :) imported my pre-2006 data.