Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not a zero

I had a nice little 11-day streak going but then a busy work week, some kiddie drama, and some sketchy weather put an end to it.  On Thursday night, after not running at all Wednesday, I was in grave danger of putting up the dreaded, momentum killing, double goose-egg.  I was in running clothes with bag packed, on my way out the door to Thirsty Thursday when Gina yelled from the other room that I had to "deal with Emma" before I left.  Emma--who we later found out was running a fever and coming down with something that would keep her out of school on Friday--was in full blown homework meltdown mode.  It was 6:23pm and I was due to meet the guys in 7 minutes at the high school.  Alas.

An hour later, after calming her down to a manageable level and helping her through her math and Spanish work, I finally sprung from the back door.  The snowstorm had picked up and it was almost laughable to be heading toward the track to run.  At the traffic light a couple hundred yards from my house I debated turning around, going back home to change into my jeans and heading to Grumpy's to wait for Mark and Dan--since I was pretty sure they would be done running by the time I got to the high school anyway.  "No," I thought, "I need to earn it."

It took a few minutes to drive across town since the DPW seemed to be sitting out this storm and the roads were a total mess.  As I rolled slowly down the hill in front of the school, I could see that Mark and Dan's cars were still there but they were nowhere in sight (out running the roads) so I parked in front of them and headed over to the track to run circles in the snow until they came back.  I got in two and half miles before they showed up on the track, then another mile or so with them before I felt like I had enough call it "not a zero" in the running log and we all headed to the pub for some beers and food.

That's an honest day's work.

On Friday I got out for a quick 7 after the snow stopped and before I had to head to a meeting.  Not a great week mileage mileage-wise but at least I never gave in.  With a solid weekend I'm back on track.

And also, this happened:

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