Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Stew Chase 15k

Photo credit: Krissy Kozlosky
Not that I had been avoiding it but somehow this New England classic race had never made it onto my calendar before this year. But since I hadn't raced since my track races in December and I had strung together about six really good weeks of training, I was more than due for a longish rust buster on the roads.

With my goal for Spring not until New Bedford, I didn't want to take my foot off the training gas at all and wanted to go into this with tired legs. I more than accomplished that mission with a fairly big workout on Thursday night that capped a 15 mile day. Still, I thought I might be able to bang out a good time and in my head was thinking 56 minutes. Wrong.

It was good to meet James DeLuca, one of my new GLRR teammates. He was wearing the red singlet of Wicked Running club (his other club) since it was a north shore race, but he recognized me. We had similar goals for the race--unfortunately mine should have been a couple minutes slower based on how heavy my legs were. I ran with James for the first couple of miles, but then had to let him and his buddy go and try to regroup for the back half of the race.

Excuses abound. There was mostly a headwind on the way out, and it was net uphill and, addition to my heavy legs, I was pretty congested and having some trouble breathing and the headwind was making my nose run and exacerbating the whole thing. It was a fairly uncomfortable first half. I was actually cold. The good news was the 2nd half started with a nice big downhill and had a tailwind most of the way. Even though I wasn't having  a great race and any time goal was out the window, from about mile 6 on I just tried to relax and roll at a nice half marathon pace. I even dropped a couple of sub 6 minute miles for 8 and 9.

I wound up at 57:57 for 10th overall--not a bad day's work all things considered. James was up the road in 7th place with a really solid 56:42. We did a couple mile cooldown on the Lynn Woods trails before heading back to the KofC where I had time for a quick bowl of stew before getting out of there to get home for my daughter's family birthday party. Onward.



  1. I think that Stew Chase course is deceptively difficult. Some think it's a little long too, although I'm not so sure about that. Thanks for putting the Level Renner site on your blog. Appreciate it.

    ed/pub of LR

    1. Hey no worries Kevin, keep up the good work on the Level. Stew Chase might have been a good course for me if my legs hadn't been so beat up.