Friday, April 22, 2011

Random thoughts and a call to action

The fastest marathon in the history of the world happened in my backyard on Monday and I was at Disney World on a family vacation.  It was a fun vacation in a really expensive, exhausting and sometimes frustrating sort of way, but not at all relaxing.  And the only time I broke into running dork mode was on Monday as I walked around Animal Kingdom hitting refresh on my phone every 30 seconds watching the updates on the marathon.  When Desiree Davila took the lead with 400m to go and then I didn't get another update for two full minutes I almost went into cardiac arrest.  And for a good half hour I thought the mens finish times were a typo.

I didn't run a step on vacation...well not a step in training anyway.  There was the time I ran back to the car from the monorail station to get the stroller, and the time I had to run to the bathroom, and...well, you get the idea.  I took my running gear and had all the good intentions but walking around and standing in lines all day in the hot sun just crushed my energy and after about the third day of no running I decided to stop even planning to run and just take the week "off."

Last night I showed up for Thirsty Thursday and still decided to attempt the 5000m time trial Mark and Dan were doing--I made it to about 2 miles before I realized I was having trouble even turning 90 second quarters, my legs were junk, and just stopped.  It was a good wakeup call. Running is such a sport of routine and repetition, at least for me.  I can't step onto a track after a week of no running (not to mention lots of standing, eating, drinking and general badness) and expect to do anything.

So here we are.  Disney is over and the Trans Vermont Beer Run is July 22nd.  Which means if I can't run sub 17 for 5k before about mid-July, it's probably not going to happen until the fall.  That gives me about three months.  I'm not sure it's possible in that timeframe but I should have a pretty good idea in a week or two once I shake off the rust from Disney and get some miles under my legs.  It should be fun.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's April 6th and I have yet to race in 2011.  In fact if you don't count that silly jingle bell jog or whatever the hell it was when I ran an 18 minute 5k wearing a Santa hat, bells pinned to my shirt and my daughters knee-high red field hockey socks, I haven't raced since October 17.

This has to change.

But not this weekend since it's dance recital week here in my household.  And not next weekend since I'll be at Disney (SHIT!)  I just had a little panic attack but I'm okay now.

Edited later to add:  I just signed up for the Red Hook 5k on May 29th.  I feel better already.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a race or two before then but at least, worst case scenario, I have a line in the sand.