Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer time, and the livin's easy

Or so it goes.  Competitive desires always wax and wane but I have to say it's been awfully hard to focus or care about any real running goals lately.  For the first time a couple of years work is going GREAT and I'm busier than hell.  My kids are at ages where they seem to be going in all directions all the time, and it's getting harder to stay motivated to train specifically for some arbitrary goal like a sub-17 minute 5k which, even if I were to accomplish it, would leave me 4 minutes away from being remotely relevant in the world of competitive distance running.  Doing so would not make my kids love me any more or make me any more money or give me any extra vacation time, or magically make my lawn look any better.  And mostly I just don't care that much, despite the fact that I managed a 17:23 5k in a local yokel race a couple of weeks ago off of maybe a month of decent training and a couple of okay workouts, indicating it's still well within striking distance.

I still enjoy running for all of its many benefits--Thirsty Thursday workouts with my running buddies, Chris, Mark and Dan, where we do a workout then go for beers, are still the highlight of most of my weeks.  And I still enjoy periodically throwing on a pair of racing flats, pinning a number on, and diving headlong into the pain tunnel for a whirl.  Just lately it's seemed a bit ridiculous to worry about any kind of "training schedule" in the midst of all I have going on in life.

This summer will be busy.  We're taking a family camping trip to Acadia next week, there's the FORR 5k that still has a pretty big to-do list for July 21st, and then the Thirsty Thursday crew and I are planning a 4-day beer run across Vermont starting the next day.  Later in August we take a family vacation to the cape.  (Come to think of it, do I have enough vacation time to cover all of that?  Huh...I should maybe look into that.)

Anyway, as we've seen before the trick with this sport is to never get so far gone that you can't come all the way back.  I think I'm doing that.  We shall see.