Thursday, May 3, 2012

New post

It is now spring in New England (and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere I suppose.)  I mention this because when I look at my own "blog" I see an image of one of the few winter storms we had this past winter with my kids and dog playing in the yard and whatnot.

There is no snow in my yard  now.  The grass is actually quite green as it has been a very wet and cool spring--except, unfortunately, for Marathon Monday for those unlucky enough to have been running the annual Hopkinton-to-Boston footrace.  Alas.

I am a couple of weeks into one of what very well may be just another start in a series of fits and starts.  I am really hoping it will stick this time, though.  Tonight I wasn't able to make it to Thirsty Thursday workout because of an open house and my daughter's middle school but I made sure to get home in time to get a run in before the open house and then I showed up at Grumpy Doyle's to meet the Thirsty Thursday crew around 9pm when they were a couple of beers ahead of me. Mark informed me that from now on we do workouts on Thursday.  It seems I'm not the only one fed up with being a regular person and looking to get back to some kind of training.

We'll see.