Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st training update

My dog and "Mr. Glove"
To the dedicated reader of this space, two things will jump off the screen from the title of today's post.  One, that it's frickin' June already (how did that happen?) and, two, that I used the word "training" to describe what I have recently been doing.

Well now.

At first glance, the 248.8 miles I ran in May did not stand out to me as anything special, but then, because I'm a dork, I went and did some research in the old running log to find it was my highest mileage month since (gulp) September of 2010.  That was the month before my last marathon and the last time I was really racing at an acceptable level.  And, yes, I am very proud of the fact that when I logged my run last night after Thirsty Thursday, I did not immediately put my running shoes back on and go out and jog a quick 1.2 miles to make it an even 250 for the month. I may geek out over training stats at times but I at least know my limits.

The good news is it was a remarkably easy 248 miles.  It took a little creativity at times to squeeze runs in early, late or occasionally in the middle of the day, but somehow I managed to run every day of the month except one (Mother's Day) and did not feel like I was in any way stressing myself out.  I also had some decent workouts and mixed up the paces pretty well.  By the numbers it was 31 runs, mostly in singles (one double the day before the off day), with generally two moderate workouts and a "long" run per week.  My long runs these days are topping out at around 12-13 miles and my workouts are nothing serious yet, mostly timed intervals, fartleks and a few turnover type workouts on the track.  All my easy runs have been under an hour, mostly a lot of little 6-7 milers that you barely notice.  This was just laying a base layer for the real training that's still to come.  That's the plan anyway.

In June I may actually even run one or two of those "race" things that runners are always talking about.  Crazy, I know.

As for what the picture of Jasper with his friend, Mr. Glove has to do with any of this?  Nothing, really.  I just thought it was a cool picture and really you can never go wrong with cute dog pics.