Friday, August 19, 2011

Tour de Vermont, Part 3

This is the 3rd part of a series.  Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.

On Saturday morning we headed out the the Green River Reservoir which was roughly back in the direction of where we had left off the day before.  The plan was just to run from there back through Morrisville to Lake Elmore campground.  This was a really pleasant run after the suffering and hills of the previous day.  The last 4 miles were basically up hill and it was already getting hot again at 10am when we were finishing, but it was manageable.  Mark and Dan ran ahead and Chris and I ran together for those last 4 uphill miles.  There was a big farm on the left side of the road and a guy on a ladder painting his barn.  He looked at us and said, "Nice day for a run, boys."  It was, at that point.  We had 12 miles in the books and it wasn't brutally hot out yet.

We got back to the campground, took a swim in the lake and then moved campsites before heading into Morrisville for some lunch and beers.  We hit up the Rock Art brewery but they didn't have pub, just a tasting room, so we went to a restaurant called The Bees Knees which served Rock Art brews.  We ate everything on the menu and had about three beers each.  Life was good.  After lunch we went and hung out in a river while Mark went flyfishing and Evan went spearfishing.  Our plan was to hang out until later in the day when it would be cooler.   Hah.

It all worked out great until we headed back into town and got ready to set off for our second run of the day around 4pm.  Yeah it was like a hundred degrees out.  Whoops.  We "only" had 11 miles to go down into Stowe but unfortunately it was almost entirely in the sun.  We left from Rock Art brewery and headed south toward Stowe via Randolf Road.  It was an absolutely beautiful route with farms and views of the mountains including Mansfield in the distance.  But it was so hot we were all suffering almost immediately.  At one point Evan, he and Kyle having driven the cars down to Pickwicks in Stowe, rode back to meet us and give us some much needed water before continuing on his bike ride back toward Morrisville.  We thought we would see him again soon but not so much.  We wound up running the last 7 miles or so sans water.  I'll admit I got the most cranky of anyone on that particular leg, even swearing at some horses at one point and arguing adamantly that a horse was actually a donkey.  Long story.

We made it to Stowe in one piece, barely.  We met at Pickwicks then went and cooled off in the river before heading to the Shed brewery for some decent food and good beer to finish off a long hot day on the road.  We had 23 miles in the books (44 in 2 days) and the The Mountain awaited.

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